‘Roker Park’ rehearsals have begun…

Sat 31 May 2014

…Well, the preliminary rehearsals have taken place anyway.

Yesterday and today I sat down with Tom Kelly – the writer (and also, we’ve decided, director this time round) of the piece.  We’ve spent two thoroughly productive days together, reading through the play, talking about ideas, fleshing out the characters, discussing back story…  You know – all the usual stuff you do when you’re putting on a play.

It’s certainly going to be a challenge performing this one-man play – I’ve not done anything like it before – but after these past two days I’m relishing the opportunity, and can’t wait to get stuck in to it.  (I’ve just got to get two more projects out of the way first, in June and July!)

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff to get done first (I’m producing it, under Cranked Anvil, as well as performing it), but come September I’m looking forward to having something we can be pleased with and proud of!

Tickets are already selling, too, so if you’re in the North-East in September and you fancy seeing it, book now to avoid disappointment!  You can see where and when it’s playing, and get links to the venue website, by going to the Cranked Anvil website.


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