Write On Tap

So, 2014 was always planned as being The Year Of Writing.

There’s already a few definite script editing commissions on the go, as well as the Victorian Music Hall gig that I’ll be writing for and performing in.  Then there’s also plans afoot to write up a brand new play (of an idea I’ve had for ages) which my company Cranked Anvil will hopefully produce in May.

write on tapBut now I’ve got another project which I’m keen to work on, and is one that I’ll be giving my attention to over the next couple of weeks.  Newcastle-based company Write On Tap are looking for submissions of short (10-20 min) plays, which they are planning to produce in April this year.

Write on Tap specialises in producing new plays and developing playwrights. they produce work that is relevant, surprising, playful and theatrical.  The company was founded in 2012 by Samantha Bell, Steven Blackshaw, Ben Dickenson, Bethan Kitchen, Jo McCullock, Stuart Nimmo, Deb Owen, Melanie Rashbrooke, Kim Spence and Kate Stephenson.  Write on Tap provides a safe platform for new writers to develop and share their ideas. New plays by first time writers are the lifeblood of their work.

I’ve worked with some of its collaborators over the past few months on various other projects they’ve produced (notably MixTape at the Dog and Parrot in Newcastle) and this script-in-hand rehearsed reading project in April is one that I’m very keen to be involved in.  The theme for it is ‘These Are The Debts We Owe’.  I haven’t got an idea for anything yet, but I’m planning on coming up with something in the nexct 24 hours! If you’re a writer (particularly from the North-East) and you’d like to get involved, you can find out more information on their submissions page here.

In the meantime, their next event like this will be presented at The Central in Gateshead on 27 Feb.  The theme for the plays is ‘Does That One Sin Of Mine Wipe Away All The Good Stuff’.  It will be a night of new writing (and acting) of the highest standard, and if you’re going along then I’ll see you there!


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