News of a murder!…

…Don’t worry, this isn’t a confession.

It’s just a word up about the latest (and very imminent) thing I’m working on – which, if you’re local to me in South Shields, you can come and see!

This Thursday (that’s the 15th August) I’ll be taking part in a murder mystery night, produced by Ion Productions, at The Customs House in South Shields.  I haven’t done one of these for ages, so it’s great fun to do this one – basically it’s dressing up in daft costumes, doing a whole bunch of accents, and improvising my way around a staged death! 

I’m working with the super-awesome Bethan Carr, which is an added bonus, and director Gareth Hunter also makes a brief appearance as the narrator, as well as keeps us going through rehearsals with bad jokes and double entendres!

…Mind you, I say ‘rehearsal’ – we only got the script yesterday, and it goes on in two days, so rehearsal will be limited!  But that’s the nature of these type of gigs, as the majority of it is interacting with the guests to make sure they get the right information, question the suspects, and avoid the red herrings!

It’s going to be a lot of fun – and it’s good value too, at only £15.95 for 2 courses, plus coffee, plus the show!  (Sales pitch over now!)  So if you’re free and you fancy coming along, you can go and book your seats at the customs house website here.

See you there!


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