Edinburgh 2013 – Day 6 of 8 (Wed 7th Aug)

Still feeling delicate from the alcoholic excesses of earlier in the week, I decided I’d abstain today.

After some breakfast and ibuprofen I wandered down to the half price hut, where I bought a ticket for Colin Hoult’s show. While at the hut I was flyered for a free sketch show called Lebensmude, at the Jekyll & Hyde pub. They sold it to me with a recurring character from Teesside called Steve the Bastard, and so along I went to the show.  A tiny venue, with not great sight lines, I nevertheless loved the show.  Fast-paced, silly, energetic. Great performances from the young trio, and a commitment to follow through with their ideas that would have terrified lesser groups. Definitely my surprise pick of the fringe so far.

After that I saw the Casual Violence lads do their new show, House of Nostril. Slick, clever, funny, and this year featuring a slideshow and nifty animation. I love this group so much that I’m always scared the day will come when I’m disappointed. That day definitely wasn’t today!

Colin Hoult is a character comedian who I’ve heard lots about but never seen, so I decided to do something about that this year. And so should you if you’ve never seen him.  I’m not going to give anything away about the actual show, but I will tell you he weaves a magical, zany, weird and wonderful fairytale narrative which comes to such a simple yet brilliant climax and conclusion that you’re left utterly in awe of his talent and inventiveness.

We finished the day off with an hour of Richard Digence.  A simple show, with him doing his well known, well loved schtick. Entertaining and quite sweet in places, and his guitar playing was truly wonderful.

And that was it for today – an early night beckoned… Oh, and if you’re wondering, I managed to get through the day on just one glass of red wine. That’s not too bad, eh?!


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