Edinburgh 2013 – Day 4 of 8 (Mon 5th August)

Today we had the Faulty Towers Dining Experience thing booked. I saw this a few years ago and loved it, and I’m afraid this one did not live up to expectations. As you know if you’re a regular reader of these rambles, I’m a big Python fan, and therefore a big Fawtly Towers fan, and I know the shows and the characters inside out.  This show wasn’t what it said it was.  It was not a Fawlty Towers Experience: Sybil was too rude to the guests (Sybil was NEVER rude to guests), Manuel was too self-assured, and Basil just wasn’t angry or irritated or rude enough.  Poor show, I’m afraid. Food was okay.

Later in the evening we saw two cabaret shows.  Lady Rizo, and East End Cabaret (who we saw at Ali McGregor’s show the night before). Then we went home, ate lots of Haribo and drank lots of gin.

After everyone went to bed I had a three-way conversation with two shoes, which I worked up into what I was convinced was going to be a smash hit show at next year’s Fringe. (Working title: Looking For A Soul Sole.) I’ve since realised my mistake. It was all a bit weird.


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