Edinburgh 2013 – Day 3 of 8 (Sun 4th August)

Sat in the Plez Courtyard this morning, contemplating life and my hangover.

Before long, I was flyered for Not The Messiah.  Had a great chat with the guy, and told him how much I’d enjoyed the show, except for the glaring date error.  The guy then confessed that this was his fault, as he was the writer.  Being British, I immediately felt thoroughly embarrassed, but thankfully he took it as the constructive criticism it was offered up as, and immediately promised to change the script!

Not long after that I was joined by some friends, and we were then flyered by Fringe veteran and probably the nicest man I don’t know, Sanderson Jones.  He told us about his free show, The Sunday Assembly.  The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that meets to hear great talks, sing songs and generally celebrate the wonder of life. It’s a service for anyone who wants to live better, help often and wonder more.  This attracted my hugely.  Also, it was happening in a Bingo Hall for god’s sake! We had to go and see it.

The guest speaker this Sunday was Sandi Toksvig.  She was awesome. The whole show was awesome, actually.  Sanderson has an infectious energy that you just can’t stop yourself liking him for.  He, with Pippa Evans, has set up a show that has “accidentally become a movement”, and it is a wonderful celebration of life.  If you’re here for any of the Sundays that they’re on, I recommend it. You get to sing ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ for crying out loud, what’s not to like?!

The next show was Tangram Theatre‘s ‘Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking‘, performed by the brilliant John Hinton.  I saw him in Ed a few years ago in his Charles Darwin show and absolutely loved that.  This show was equally as good.  His is a virtuoso performance, as he commands the audience as well as his material through an hour-long lecture of all the stuff you knew about Einstein and even more that you didn’t.  (Mention must also go to his fellow cast member, who plays all the important women in Albert’s story, and also the piano.  She does both of these things superbly.)

Next I saw Casual Violence‘s free show, Om Nom Nominous.  I’ve seen these guys (and banged on about them) many times before, so I won’t repeat myself here.  It was just lovely to see them again doing sketches I know and love, and if you’re looking for a free show to see, this is it.

C Venues after that, to see the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatics Club do (murder) Pirandello’s Six Characters In Search Of An Author. Least said about that the better, really.  I think a small part of me died during that hour.

The friends I’m staying with this year took me along to see Ali McGregor do her ‘late-nite variety-nite night‘.  They’d seen her last year and had enthused about her show and her jazz version of The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’.  (Which she did in this show too, and was great.)  But we got to see a whole bunch of other acts from the Fringe in this thoroughly entertaining evening.  Tonight we saw Scotland Celebrity (his words) Fred Macaulay, as well as a fantastic cabaret act called East End Cabaret.  I was crying with laughter, and their song ‘Accidental Anal’ will stay with me for a very long time.

Final show of the day was at 1am. C Venues. ‘Improvaganza’. A bunch of wanky improv groups doing crap improv in some kind of battle for the audience’s votes and affection.  They got neither from me.

The day ended about 5am, after a heavy night of drinking and dancing in C’s bar.  I danced a lot, sweated a lot, thought I looked a lot more attractive than I probably was, and told lots of people not to fall for the ‘balance a coin on the lemon floating in the water’ con.  My friend fell over on the dance floor. We may have got a taxi home (I can’t remember).


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