Edinburgh 2013 – Day 1 of 8 (Fri 2nd Aug)

I’ve been looking forward to the annual Fringe trip for ages, this year. Going up with a different bunch of friends, going up with a girlfriend this year, the anticipation was immense.

So naturally, in full-on holiday mood, I started drinking at 11 in the morning on the train up from Newcastle. By the time I arrived at Waverley station I was already fairly drunk, lost my bearings and got lost, then lost an argument with a turnstile that insisted on charging me 30p to have a piss.

I needed to hang around for a couple of hours until the accommodation keeper of the keys arrived … which I did, in the Plez courtyard, consuming yet more booze. (The particularly observant amongst you may already, at this early stage, be able to spot a theme of these Ed reports!)

Eventually we did manage to see a couple of shows. Neil Hickey was a fairly run-of-the-mill stand up, and The Real Maguffins were an okay sketch act. Both shows fairly amusing, both shows seen on comps.

And that was it for shows on the first (half) day. Unlike previous years, I won’t be rushing around so much trying to cram as many shows as possible into the schedule. This year is going to be more about enjoying the atmosphere and catching up with old friends. So last years record of 11 shows in 1 day will remain unbeaten for another year…

Speaking of catching up with old friends, The rest of Friday disappears into an ever-descending alcoholic haze, I’m afraid. I bumped into a couple of the Casual Violence boys in the Underbelly bar and it got a bit, well, excessive!… The last things I remember are getting in huge rounds of drinks, paying for a cab by credit card then sitting in the flat in my pants stuffing salt and vinegar chipsticks into my gob.

Ahh, Edinburgh, I’ve missed you xxx


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