NEWS: some upcoming gigs!

Well, I’m pleased to say my diary’s chockablock for the rest of the year!  I honestly can’t fit anything else in (and have actually had to turn don a couple of things recently, sadly).

At the end of this month I’m in The Big Time by Wayne Miller – a brilliant comedy about two bungling crooks who get their latest ‘job’ disasterously wrong!

Then in September I’ll be working on Ion’s production of The Dark Side of the Half Moon by award-winning writers Neil Armstrong and Brian Walsh.  A comedy thriller set in a pub.  We’re gonna have real working pumps on stage, people!  It’s worth coming to see just to find out if I can get to the end of the play without getting too drunk!!

And then at the end of the year, I’m delighted to announce that Ray Spencer has taken the gamble and allowed me to play in the Customs House panto, Cinderella!  I can’t wait to work on the show, which boasts a cracking cast and crew.

Hope to see you at one (or all?!) of the above 🙂


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