I still don’t know what I was waiting for/
And my time was running wild…

Well, not wild exactly, but I have been pretty busy since February, which is why I haven’t done anything here. But I found a hole in the schedule today, so I thought I’d give this blogsite a bit of a spruce up in time for the Ed Fringe in a week’s time.  (I’m planning to blog from there each day, 2nd – 9th Aug.  I did the same last year; you can start reading that here.)

So, I’ve changed this site.  I’ve also changed the name of the company.  It’s no longer Sunderland Rep.  It’s now called CRANKED ANVIL.  After much deliberation, I felt that ‘rep’ was too old fashioned and ‘Sunderland’ was too specific to one area.  Instead I went for something that sounded like it could mean something but was actually just a couple of random words chucked together!  You can like the new facebook page here.

I’ve also changed my direction somewhat.  When I first moved back up to the North East last year I was quite laid back and non-committal about my plans.  But with the acting projects and companies I’ve been involved with recently, I’m heading more directly back to working full time as an actor.  There’s some exciting projects coming up… Watch this space for details!

I’ve also ended up changing my circle of friends!…  Well, no, not changing them, but adding to them.  I’ve worked with some amazing people over the past year, who I’m now chuffed to call my friends.  I plan to work (and play!) with them a lot more, and that in itself is probably going to prompt another change – in address.  I’ll be moving over the river to be closer to work and closer to drinking buddies!

There’s another huge potential change coming up too; but I can’t talk about that now, so you’ll have to wait and see when it happens!…

So – what have I been up to while I’ve been away?  I was in a play in March, which went very well.  Then I did the zip wire challenge off Wearmouth bridge in April, in aid of Mind.  You can head back to previous blogs to read a bit more about that.  You can also see the video of me doing it here:


Playing the Spirit of South Tyneside in I Heart ST

Throughout May and June I was developing new shows with Cranked Anvil, which will soon see the light of day, as well as appearing in Ion Productions show Charley’s Aunt at the Customs House.  And I’ve just finished in a run of a brand new play, commissioned by the Customs House, called I {Heart} South Tyneside.  A great little piece, and a superb cast who were even more fun to party with than they were to work with!

So that’s you up to speed for now – except to say that there’s anothe Shakespeare In The Park coming up this month.  14th – 16th August, in Barnes Park in Sunderland, Theatre Space NE will be producing The Tempest.  Unfortunately I’ve had to turn down a role in that one (would have loved to do Prospero, too) but I just couldn’t fit it in arounfd rehearsals for other things coming up.  (Announcements SOON!)  But I have edited the script for it, and will be helping with the rehearsals whenever I can.  It’ll be a cracking productions, so if you’re local to the area you should check it out.  You can keep an eye on the Theatre Space NE facebook page for details.

Anyway, that’s it for now.
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time…

The cast of I <3 ST. Some of the most hardcore party-monsters in Shields!

The cast of I ❤ ST.   Some of the most hardcore party-monsters I’ve ever worked with!


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