Leap of faith

It’s been a while since I made a blog. Have you missed me?

Basically, I’ve been very busy throughout January, organising and producing a Rehearsed Reading night with my company, Sunderland REP.  Go and check out the site for more details and info.

However, with April the 28th on  the horizon, I thought I’d better take a few moments to think about what’s in store.

What’s that you say?  What’s happening on April the 28th?  But surely you remember me telling you?  I’ve agreed to zip wire off Wearmouth Bridge.  I told you, remember?

Anyway, as it’s such a big deal for me, (I get nose bleeds going upstairs), it seems like a good idea to do it for charity.  Close friends of mine will know that I’ve suffered over the years with depression.  I’m a lot more skilled at managing it these days (having battled with it for 23 years that I can remember), but it’s something that never fully goes away.  The black dog is always walking at your heel, however big or small it is.  (The dog, not your heel.  That would just be weird if your heel kept growing and shrinking.)

It’s thanks to the work and public of high profile people like Stephen Fry and charities like Mind, that the issue of mental health is very much in the public eye at the moment and, I’m pleased to say, is becoming less and less stigmatised.  A lot more people are talking about their issues, and this can only be a good thing.

And so it’s an obvious and not very big leap (pun intended) for me to do this zip wire challenge in order to raise money for Mind.

I have a Just Giving page.  (Doesn’t everybody these days?) I’d be eternally grateful if you can see your way to donating something.  MY JUSTGIVING PAGE

I’ll also be collecting money the old-fashioned way – getting people to write their names on a form and actually give me the cold hard cash!  And anything I collect doing it that way I will be donating directly to the Sunderland branch of Mind.  This is a community event, and I’m very proud of the community I live in, so it’s important for me to support the charity locally as well as nationally.

There are many other people from Sunderland and the surrounding region who are taking part in the day-long zip wire challenge.  Each of them has their own story, their own reason for doing it, their own charity.  I’ll be proud to stand alongside them as we leap off that bridge together!  And I’ll be featuring some of their stories on my radio show in the weeks leading up to the event.  It’s on on Tuesday afternoons, 2-4pm, on Spark FM.  107FM in Sunderland, or online at www.sparksunderland.com.


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