A man of many hats…

…and I was wearing pretty much all of them today.

My new company, Sunderland REP, is now in full swing, and frankly I’ve never been busier.  We’re currently in the process of making radio drama and comedy, which will be broadcast on Spark FM in the new Sunday 3.30-4pm Drama and Documentaries slot, which starts up with their schedule revamp in a couple of weeks.

Today I had Producer, Director, and Actor hats on, as we had a readthrough for our first radio script, ‘Stick To The Act – The Rise and Fall of Douglas and Adams’.  Written by Martyn Grahame, it’s a reworking of his stage play which I first saw at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe and absolutely loved.  I subsequently saw it again in Wimbledon later that year, reviewing it for Remotegoat.  I’m really pleased that it’s going to be the first Sunderland REP radio production.

You’ll be able to hear the first part broadcast on 18th November, with the concluding part going out the following week.  Check the Spark website for details.

There’s also going to be an article about the production on the Keep Your Eyes Open website, so, erm, keep your eyes open for that!

Me, consulting with writer Martyn Grahame, who also stars with fellow actor Sean Hanlon


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