The Dream is dead… Long live the dream

…No, don’t worry, I’m not having some awful mid-life crisis where I’m giving up on everything and chucking it all in.  I’m just talking about ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which I put on with Corinne Kilvington as part of Theatre Space North East, in Barnes Park recently.  You’ll know about it already if you’re a regular to this blog (or my facebook and twitter), and if you’d like to read my final round-up of it you can go to the dedicated page here

Any fears that Corinne Kilvington and I (and, indeed, the rest of the cast) had about us falling out through working together so closely and intensely (we can both be pretty volatile, especially when it comes to putting on a show) were completely blown out of the water.  There were no fallings out, no tempers frayed, not even so much as a raised voice.  In fact, the whole of the cast got on fantastically, and worked incredibly hard to put this whole venture together.  That it went from conception to being fully staged in less than two months is an incredible demonstration of everyone’s hard work and dedication.

There’ll be more to come soon (we’re already talking about a Hallowe’en production for which I’ll be writing the script – more to be announced soon!) and the whole venture has accelerated my dream to set up Sunderland Rep, a company which will be dedicated to producing theatre, film and radio and based very much here in Sunderland.  Again, watch this space for more announcements as soon as I have more info.




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