Edinburgh 2012 – Day 8 of 8 (Saturday 11th)

Well, that’s it for another year.  My 6th (I think) Edinburgh Fringe has drawn to a close.  No more walking around that cobbled courtyard, stuffing flyers into every pocket available, munching Aberdeen Angus burgers and throwing back plastic cups of lager.

Now, you may remember from yesterday’s blog that I had to check out of the apartment this morning by 10am.  You may also remember that I was still out drinking at 3am.  So at 9.48am this morning I awoke with a start, threw some water over my face and my clothes into my suitcase, and staggered out into the sunshine as I desperately tried to fight off a hangover.  A cup of tea and a bacon sandwich helped that fight, and half an hour later we were even contemplating one last show before having to catch our train at 3pm this afternoon.

In fact we got two more shows in.  Hell’s Bells by Lynne Truss is a cracking little play featuring three great actors – including Janet Ellis!  Yes you do know Janet Ellis.  She was a Blue Peter presenter, remember? She’s Sophie Ellis Bexter’s mother.  Yeah, there you go, that Janet Ellis.  She was very good, in fact the whole cast were.

Our final show of the fringe was on at the Roxy, which this year is being run by Assembly.  Last year it was a Zoo venue, and the building holds a special place in my heart, because it’s where we performed last year as Don’t Trust Salmon.  The show we saw there was Leo, a gravity-defying physical theatre piece that was absolutely stunning.  It’s already garnered a boat load of stars in this year’s reviews, and if you go to the show you’ll understand why.

After that we dragged our suitcases out into the sun and to Edinburgh Waverley station, paid 30p to go for a piss, then boarded the train.  Good bye #edfringe, see you next year.  So the final count is:

Shows seen today: 2
Total Shows Seen: 47

That’s a new record, by the way!  I can’t see us beating that for a long time to come, if ever!  And once again, just for the record, here is the definitive list of all 47 shows I saw.  I’m not going to link to each one – if you want to check any of them out just link to the fringe page here and search for the act.  I’ll bold my top 5 picks.

1. The Death of Chatterton
2. Bad Musical
3. The Not Quite Quartet
4. The Boy With The Cuckoo Clock Heart
5. Winston On The Run
6. Back To School
7. Cabaret Whore – Her Finest Hour
8. Showstoppers
9. Shakespeare For Breakfast
10. Bob & Jim
11. Early Edition
12. Max & Ivan
13. The Pin
14. WitTank
15. James Acaster
16. Late Night Gimp Fight
17. I Am, I Am
18. The Ugly Duckling
19. Super John
20. The Magician’s Daughter
21. The Prize
22. Morgan & West
23. Ed Eales-White: Champions
24. Amateur Transplants – Adam Key’s Bum Notes
25. Richard Herring – Talking Cock
26. The Boy With Tape On His Face
27. Steve Shanyaski
28. Late ‘n’ Live
29. Michael Brookmyre’s Comedy Bookcase
30. Casual Violence – Om Nom Nominous
31. The Resurrection of Geri Gold
32. The Pajama Men’s Improv Show
33. Comic Strip
34. Peep – Play 1
35. Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain
36. Bristol Revunions – Miles of Smiles
37. Walk Like A Black Man
38. The Three Englishmen
39. The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek
40. Casual Violence: A Kick In The Teeth
41. What’s He Building In There?
42. Miriam Margolyes – Dickens’ Women
43. McNeil & Pamphilon
44. Nick Mohammed is Mr Swallow 2012
45. The Boom Jennies
46. Hell’s Bells by Lynne Truss
47. Leo

All right, I’ve bolded my top 9 picks.  I couldn’t limit it to 5.

So there you go.  If you’re planning to go to Edinburgh to catch the last couple of weeks, enjoy yourself, and I hope my daily blog has been a little bit of use (even though it wasn’t published daily due to me being too tired and/or drunk to write it).

I’m putting all holiday thoughts out of my head now, to get on with the projects in hand.  In case you don’t know I’m acting in (as well as co-producing and co-directing) a promenade production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream here in Sunderland.  If you’d like to donate towards the production you can do so, and watch a video, here.  Tell your friends, pass the word around.  I’m also in a production at the Royalty Theatre, and another one (Calendar Girls) at the Customs House Theatre. I’ve also got to find the time somewhere to do a phone interview with Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics!

Oh – and I might just start working on a one-man show to take to the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe.  Watch this space…


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