Edinburgh 2012 – Day 7 of 8 (Friday 10th Aug)

Today we caught up with some old Edinburgh Fringe buddies.  Friends who we have often been here and shared digs with.  They’re in Ed for two weeks this year, taking a much more leisurely approach to it than we have been, but we were able to meet up with them this evening for dinner, and a drink.  Inevitably a drink became two drinks, which became three, three became… well, you get the idea.  But that’s the thing about the fringe, you’ve got to be spontaneous.

The Edinburgh Gang. Helen, Stuart, PD, Michael, Kevin, Ruth

We did get some shows in today too.  What’s He Building In There? was an interesting absurdist piece about a man who seems to be having an affair with a chair We also caught a couple more sketch acts, McNeil & Pamphilon and The Boom Jennies.  Both acts of which I’m a great fan, and both shows I enjoyed.  We also caught Nick Mohammed’s show Mr Swallow.  I haven’t seen Nick perform for two or three years now, and it was nice to see him again doing what he does best: character comedy.  (If you’re impressed by maths tricks, or if you can play the piano and want to show off your talent, I recommend this show!)

The highlight of the day, though, was seeing Miriam Margolyes Olivier nominated one-woman show Dickens’ Women.  Brilliantly written and put together by Margolyes and Sonia Fraser, it will have you laughing out loud and close to tears.  It’s a real treat to see this consummate performer in action, and if you’re coming to the fringe for the final two weeks you need to get on the website now and buy your ticket in advance.  (If they haven’t already sold out.)  Mind you, one of the funniest moments for me came after the show when, sitting at a table outside the theatre to sign autographs, she bellowed at the top of her voice, “Buy my book! Only ten pounds!  Buy my book!”  Well, fair play to her; we’ve all got to eat, right?

Back to the drinking.  Six became seven, seven became eight, eight became double whiskeys all round…  I blame Michael, to be honest.  He kept doing funny jokes and wearing a splendid hat, and I was forced to stay out and drink more alcohol.  Even though I had to check out of the digs by 10am the next morning, I was forced, forced I tells ya, to stay out boozing until at least 3am.  Oh well, what the hell.  I am on holiday.

Shows seen today: 5
Running Total: 45


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