Edinburgh 2012 – Day 5 of 8 (Wed 8th Aug)

So, after yesterday’s full on show- and booze-filled day, this morning I dragged myself out of bed and decided on a much gentler paced day. The rest of my mates had already gone out so I trudged around the flat in my pyjamas (yes, I wear pyjamas), munching on toast and rehydrating myself, before heading over to the BBC camp for a recording of Michael Brookmyre’s Comedy Bookcase (with Alex Horne as the guest).

I was stopped on the way by some of the Back To School cast, who recognised me from the other day. We chatted briefly about their show, until I realised I was running late so had to leg it to the venue.

Next was a free show by the Casual Violence team, at the VooDoo Rooms. I’ve done shows with these guys in the past; they’re a six man troupe who do very dark, twisted comedy, and are all excellent performers. This show was a kind of greatest hits of sketches from their previous Ed shows, and it was absolutely brilliant. I haven’t laughed so much this whole fringe; it was silly, bizarre, brilliantly performed, slick, and very very funny. The lack of any wing space meant that when the guys weren’t actually in a sketch they just stood at the side of the stage and watched their mates performing, and it was almost as fascinating to watch them enjoying and genuinely laughing at each other’s stuff as it was to watch the show itself. It honestly reminded me of watching Python for the first time. This free show is on every Wednesday of the fringe, and I strongly recommend you see it.  They’ve also got their new show, A Kick In The Teeth, on at Just The Tonic, every day at 10pm, which I’ll be catching before I leave.

Other shows in today’s schedule were The Resurrection of Geri Gold, Comic Strip, and The Pajama Men’s Impro Show.

A performer on the Mile

In between shows I had a bit of a wander up and down the Royal Mile, took some photos, bought a Tacky Fridge Magnet present for a friend in Sunderland, and met up with a few friends for drinks. There were a lot of people out drinking today, I noticed. Maybe Wednesday is the new Thursday here in Edinburgh.

 Shows seen today: 5
Running Total: 33


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