A Few Dates For Your Diary

So, I found out earlier on that today is Pi Day.

I had planned to make some joke about last week being Pie Week then today being Pi Day, how come Pi(e)s get all the recognition?

But then I realised why today is Pi Day. March 14th. 3.14 Pi!
Got me to thinking, that did. Why can’t we have similar holidays and days of recognition, based on the numbers on which the day falls. At least one a month, I reckon. Here are my suggestions to start us off…

January 11th: Cricket Appreciation Day
February 22nd: Make A Sound Like A Train Day
March 21st: Talk Like Ted Rodgers Day
April 24th: Unusual Formation Day
May 05th: Arctic Monkeys Day
June 9th: …what do you think?
July 17th: Baby Boeing Appreciation Day
August 22nd: Eat Both Crispy And Peking Duck Day
September 25th: Dolly Parton Appreciation Day
October 4th: Converse Using CB Handles Day
November 8th: Call Directory Enquiries Day
December 12th: Sound Check Engineer’s Day

I know, I know. A bit naf, some of them. But if you can do better (I’m sure you can!) feel free to add them in the comments below.


One comment

  1. Stealing slightly from yours –

    February 2nd: Dress Like A Ballet Dancer Day

    And my own –

    April 2nd: Unquestionable Answers Day

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